The Four Seasons

What do the four seasons represent? To me, they represent the ever-changing smells, sounds, colors, and feelings! Here is my take on my favorite parts of each season (no smells yet, but I'm holding out for the smell-o-vision's release).

I digitally painted each frame in Adobe Photoshop CC. I enjoyed the process of exploring seasons, colors, typography, and transitions.

(Select frames and process images below)

The Four Seasons, Select Frame 1

The Four Seasons, Select Frame 3

The Four Seasons, Select Frame 2

The Four Seasons, Select Frame 4


Here are some tests I created early-on in the process of this project. Although I didn't end up using this sequence in the final animation, it helped me get a feel for frame-by-frame animating, as this was the first project in which I painted every element frame-by-frame.

The Four Seasons, Test Animation 1

The Four Seasons, Test Animation 2