Exposition des Étudiants

Exposition des Étudiants, Final Illustration

This poster was a finalist in a poster design contest for an International Student Art Exhibition in Lacoste, France.  This character captures the spirit, rich history, and artistic energy of Lacoste, a medieval village nestled in the southern mountains of Provence.

This sculpture was my first experiment with hair that was not made of clay. I had to figure out out how to adhere the yarn to the scalp and jaw of my character. through this process, I've created my own technique that I have employed on all of my illustrations since.

(Process images and photo shoot outtakes below)

Exposition des Étudiants, Sculpture Process 1

Exposition des ÉtudiantsSculpture Process 3

Exposition des ÉtudiantsSculpture Process 2

Exposition des ÉtudiantsSculpture Process 4

Exposition des ÉtudiantsClose-up

Exposition des Étudiants, Outtake Unedited